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ah yes the legendary floating heads. here are some xillia2 ladies as boys c: i’ve already drawn the boys as ladies here.

comments you are free to delete: gave alt milla a shorter hairstyle and bigger eyes to make him stand out from milla maxwell. i’d like to think he’s got a slightly bigger build than milla maxwell too. elize ended up looking more like he’s from the first game, but i liked his face so i kept it. was going for a prince look. for muzet, i would’ve preferred to keep his hair short but since he uses it as a weapon, i drew it long. it ends about mid-back so maybe he can elongate it or something?? it’s spring-loaded. leia looks the most different from the original, after a lot of tries. the ponytail might be pushing it but he looks cute maybe?? for milla maxwell, i went through three hairstyles before finally settling on just leaving it down sob. he’s a bit prettier because of the ‘effective appearance’ deal. for elle, i kept the hat and styled the bangs a bit since i cut her recognizable hair short. also kept the hat ribbons because they’re cute wah. nova and vera look pretty different from their originals too i think. i tried to draw hairstyles that might fit a pair of office workers, but ones that are still young and flashier than they should be. they were pretty hard;;

I swear Nova looks less annoying like this! If she is a guy I will give him every cents of my money just because bishie reason! 

Can I just give alt Millas a big hug and a kiss?

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