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Hey fellow peeps and The Last Of Us fans! If you’re interested in watching The Last Of Us one night, I will be posting a link at the end of this. If you don’t know what The Last Of Us one night is, please click the video and then click the link at 7 PST or 10 pm EST. and if you’re in centeral time that is 9 pm.

This is a very special one night thing and you will be amazed!!

Twitch link:

(Source: comicbooksandbows)

  • Tales of Symphonia

  • Colette:

    Our weapons are love!

  • Genis:

    Justice! And...

  • Kratos:

    Ugh... Hope.

  • Tales of Vesperia

  • Estelle:

    Our weapons are love!

  • Yuri:


  • Raven:


  • Rita:

    Would you stop?

  • Tales of the Abyss

  • Luke:

    Our weapons are status!

  • Jade:


  • Anise:

    Playing dirty... <3

  • Guy:

    That's awful.

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